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Buying Real Estate in Playa Coronado

| Investing in Panama, Real Estate Hot Spots, Real Estate Panama, Retirement in Panama | November 4, 2012

Playa Coronado in Panama

Real estate in Playa Coronado is ideal for those looking for luxury oceanfront homes in Panama. Located only an hour outside of Panama City, Playa Coronado is the capital’s closest premier Pacific beach. This makes Playa Coronado popular with wealthy city-dwellers who want a weekend home along the coast. Playa Coronado is also gaining increasingly more popularity with expats and retirees looking for a beach homes in Panama.

Playa Coronado in Panama

Playa Coronado is often referred to as the “gold coast of Panama.” This title is due both to the beauty of the beach strip and the high-end real estate that lines it. Homes in Playa Coronado represent some of the priciest (and most luxurious) in Panama. The area is ideal for those with a larger budget and a desire to live in one of the most developed coastal areas in Central America.

You can find inland apartments for sale in Playa Coronado for as low as $350,000. Oceanview properties, however, are usually between $1 and $2 million. That price gets you luxurious multi-bedroom apartments with breathtaking panoramic ocean views. Most apartment buildings in Playa Coronado are state-of-the-art living facilities. They’re often equipped with hotel-style amenities such as gyms, pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, social areas, and playrooms for kids.

While Playa Coronado is not the closest beach to Panama City, it is by far the most developed and luxurious. Premier apartment buildings, large shopping centers, ritzy restaurants, and high-end golf courses are widespread in this exclusive community. The beach is clean, and the infrastructure of the area is on par with any major developed country.

Panama has some amazing beaches.

As the majority of the coastal land is private, the area attracts fewer tourists than the more publically accessible beaches. This is a major plus for those looking to experience “real” Panama, as well as those who value a tranquil beach. During the week, Playa Coronado is the model of serenity, as so many of its inhabitants live in the city during the week. The weekend transforms the Playa Coronado into a festive area, packed with the families of well-to-do Panamanians and foreigners.

Homes in Playa Coronado may not be the cheapest on the market. It is, however, ideal for those with the budget and desire to live in one of Panama’s most luxurious communities.

If you would like more information on Playa Coronado real estate, please email info@panamarealestate.com. If you are looking to rent or buy properties in Playa Coronado, click here.



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